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End Daylight Savings Time

End Daylight Savings Time

By the time you read this Daylight Savings Time will have taken effect and I will be in full-on bitch mode (actually, I’ll probably still be sleeping). So, I’m writing this now while I am merely in angry dread, but not yet feeling the effects of this most loathsome practice of changing the clocks in order to delude ourselves with the idea that it gives us “an extra hour” every day, somehow pulled from the ether, that we otherwise would not have.

Normally I do no do personal rants here. This particular issue bears an exception. I’ll refrain from going on and on about all of the personal reasons why I hate DST, and just give you a few facts on why it is a bad thing for everyone.

Daylight Savings Time causes heart attacks. “In the spring, the number of heart attacks spiked on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after daylight saving time began. The increases ranged from 6% to 10%.” DST disrupts our circadian rhythms, causing sleep deprivation both from lost sleep and poor quality sleep, and it causes an increase in suicides.

Daylight Savings Time is not better for the environment (the current excuse for its existence). It actually causes us to use more energy running air conditioners later in the summer, and heating homes in cooler climates in the mornings. Recent studies in Indiana and Australia both found that DST increased energy use. It also means people are out and about driving more in the evenings. In fact, in the 1930’s the petroleum industry was one of the big supporters of DST.

Daylight Savings Time causes traffic accidents. A 1998 study found that traffic accidents increase by 17% on the Monday morning following the switch to DST.

Daylight Savings Time is bad for farmers, especially dairy farmers.

What can you do to end daylight savings time? Write to your representatives. You can sign petitions to end DST here, here and here.

SWAT Team Conducts Food Raid on Ohio Co-Op

SWAT Team Conducts Food Raid on Ohio Co-Op

This is just one of many frightening stories about what is becoming a war on our right to grow our own food, know what is in our food, and to choose what we eat and where it comes from.

On December 1, police raided the Stowers’ family home and the adjacent Manna Storehouse Co-Op. They came in armed without announcing that they were police before entering and wound up holding the family, including eight small children for six hours while they searched the premises.

They left with over $10,000 in food, including the family’s personal food supply for the next year, plus their personal computers used for homeschooling their children and communicating with a family member serving in Iraq, and personal cell phones.

At this point you are probably wondering why they were raided by armed officers and treated in such a manner. Meth lab? A large store of weapons and ammo? Slaughtering tourists to sell as “meat” from the co-op? No. They are under investigation for possibly running a retail business without a retail license.

Enough from me. You should read about this for yourself. Here are some links:

The Complaint
Buckeye Institute
Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
YouTube video of the Stowers telling their story

In August, I wrote about Food Zoning, a completely different aspect of the problem, but still part of the big picture. I will be writing more about these issues soon.