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What Does Willie Nelson Have To Do With Dinner?

What Does Willie Nelson Have To Do With Dinner?

Take a look at the headlines lately and all you hear about are celebrities, oil prices, global warming, and contaminated food. So, why don’t we don’t we hear something about Willie every single day? He has good, realistic answers to these serious problems.

So, what does Willie have to do with dinner? He supports family farms – locally grown food (and even locally grown fuel). His article, in the current Mother Earth News, talks about a new farm bill, one that could help make locally grown food a real purchase option for everyone. Locally grown foods, foods grown on family farms rather than large industrial farms, are healthier and taste better.

Locally grown foods are also safer. They are not subject to nation-wide recalls due to contamination. For instance, when we had the big spinach E coli scare, you couldn’t find fresh spinach in the stores. It was all pulled because it might be contaminated. Most people simply had to go without. I, on the other hand, had all the fresh spinach I wanted because my local natural foods store had access to locally grown spinach. When food is grown on a small scale it is out of the chain of contamination.