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Homegrown Tomato and Stir Fry Chicken Salad

Homegrown Tomato and Stir Fry Chicken Salad

A few fall-like days that had me making chili and then the temps went through the roof and now I’m on a hot weather food kick, and really getting back into my salads. I was able to make this salad thanks to a friend who gave us a bunch of homegrown tomatoes.
I’ll have to post my stir fry recipe later. It was a real hit this summer.
  • Stir fry chicken
  • Spinach
  • Medium tomato
  • Mini bell peppers
  • Goat cheese
  • Red onion (optional)
  • Dressing (only a small amount needed)



It’s a salad, so cut the ingredients to your preferred size and toss. The stir fry sauce makes up most of the dressing, but I highly recommend adding a little Ranch dressing or at least some olive oil to bring out the nutrients in the vegetables and add a little coating so the sauce can stick better. Red onions are recommended for flavor if you have to use store-bought tomatoes.

Sandi’s Finger Salad

Sandi’s Finger Salad

Spinach leaves
Baby carrots
Green onions

Rinse all ingredients well. Cut tomatoes into wedges. Cut roots and excess tops off green onions. Place spinach leaves in individual bowls. Place baby carrots in together in each bowl to one side. Repeat with green onions and mushrooms. Lay tomato wedges in the center. Top with your favorite dressing and eat with your fingers, dipping carrots, onions, and mushrooms in the dressing that goes to the bottom of the bowl.

This is a great way to get kids to eat salad, and makes a great snack for sitting around watching movies!

Leftover Roast Salad

Leftover Roast Salad

When I make a roast, after the first meal, I cut up the remaining roast into bite-sized pieces and refrigerate in its juices. It makes a perfect addition to salads.

Fresh spinach leaves
Lettuce of your choice
Grated carrots
Leftover roast
Dressing of your choice (goes great with raspberry vinaigrette or ranch)

This also works well with leftover chicken. If you have both leftover roast and chicken, that’s even better!