Peach and Spinach Salad

Peach and Spinach Salad, by Sandra Yvonne Duke

Fresh spinach
Peach slices
Green onions
Feta cheese
Raspberry vinaigrette

place in each serving bowl:
2 to 3 handfuls fresh spinach leaves
6 to 8 peach slices
1 green onion, sliced
1 to 2 tablespoons feta cheese (crubled or cubed)

Serve with your favorite raspberry vinaigrette.

Peaches can be fresh or preserved. I have found that the peaches in glass jars are much better than peaches that come in a can. I like Marie’s raspberry vinaigrette.

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  1. Hi Sandra,Thanks for leaving a link about the decline of bees. Are you from PA? I grew up in Middleburg and then lived in Port Royal for a time.If you like to email me my address isjcope220 at gmail dot comPeach and Spinach Salad, yum.

  2. Here\’s something from my kitchen this week.Here\’s a couple of nice, relatively easy ideas to crisp up a summer meal:For 4th of July, I marinated a 4 pound pork tenderloin in Good Seasons Italian Dressing – you know – the stuff you mix from a package. I grilled it for about an hour, 15 minutes per side, or until it had an internal temperature of 160 degrees, sliced it into chops and served with grilled squashes which had been marinated in balsamic vinaigrette. I make my own vinaigrette for marinating purposes:1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil3 tbs Balsamic vinegar1 tbs yellow mustard1 tbs crushed garlic1tbs crushed dry basilsaltpepperHand whisked in a bowl with a wire whiskPour it over the veggies in a zip lock bag and refrigerate overnight to really let the marinate infuse the veggies.Here\’s the special salad I made for the occasion. It is very tasty and colorful, not to mention nutritious.Dave’s Fresh Mozzarella Roll SaladMozzarella Roll8 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese, room temperaturedry basil flakesgarlic powderfresh spinach leaves, steamed for about 2 minutes2 roma tomatoes, sliced wafer thin4 white mushrooms, sliced wafer thinPepperoni slicesGrated Asiago cheesePlastic wrapRolling pinPlace the cheese between two sheets of plastic wrap and very slowly and carefully, roll the cheese out into a rectangle. Keep the cheese at about ¼ inch thick when finished. You have to take your time with this because fresh mozzarella doesn’t have the elasticity that aged mozzarella does. Remove the top sheet of wrap when finishedSprinkle a generous portion of the dried basil flakes and garlic powder over the flat cheese. Pat into place. Place a layer each, in order, of the spinach, pepperoni, mushrooms, and tomatoes on the rolled cheese. Dust with Asiago cheese.Using the remaining plastic wrap, roll the topped cheese into a log, finish wrapping it with the plastic wrap, and chill for 2 hours to firm the cheese back up.Salad1 small head of Romaine lettuce, choppedtwo cups fresh spinach, chopped4 roma tomatoes, capped and sliced length wise into 4 slicesgrated Asiago cheesefresh basil leaves, julienned.Balsamic VinaigretteToss the romaine and spinach together and cover a salad plate. Add the tomato slices at 4 compass points, tips outward.Remove the cheese roll from the refrigerator and peel back the plastic wrap. Slice in approximately ½ inch widths. Place one slice on the top of each of the salad plates, centered on top of the tomatoes. Drizzle the vinaigrette over the salad, dust with Asiago, and grahish with the julienned basil. Serve chilled.Serves 4Last night I grilled some dead cow. In place of a traditional salad, I served the following. Wonderfully full of flavor.Dave’s Goat Cheese Triscuit® TreatHere’s an easy to make, if pricey salad alternative.4 oz Fresh Goat cheese1-2 Roma tomatoes, diced4-6 large basil leaves, julienned4-6 scallion stems, chopped8-12 Rosemary – Olive Oil Triscuit® crackersBalsamic VinaigretteMix the veggies in a small bowel and add just enough of the vinaigrette to moisten it. Refrigerate for a couple of hours to let the flavors infuse.Place the crackers on a serving platter. Using a cheese slicing block* slice the cheese into as many 1/4 inch cuts as you can make. I got 10 with a knife, more with a block*Place one slice of cheese on each cracker. Top with the veggie mixture. Serve chilled.It’s a very tasty, easy to make hors douvre. It’s pricey in that the cheese runs around $5.00 for a 4 ounce package, which only makes 8-12 crackers, depending on how thick the slices are, but you end up with a very tasty treat. The cheese is not unlike cream cheese with a little bit of a tang to it.*I did this the first time with a knife, and it didn’t work nearly as well as it did with one of those blocks that has a handle with a slicing wire on it – the cheese is soft, but brittle. The wire solves that problem.Nice BLOG, by the way.

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