Deep Fry Fetish

Many of you already know how much I love my deep fryer. Well, I have discovered a whole new joy in deep frying – tortilla chips!

It’s too easy! Just cut corn tortillas into quarters and throw them in the deep fryer for about one minute. Drop them in a papertowel lined bowl and salt immediately.

The first time I tried it, I was making nachos and used only salt. This time they are for dipping, so I used my own seasoning salt and some chili powder. YUM!

I plan on experimenting further, making my own tortillas, maybe trying to make something like Fritos, too. I have had tortilla chips made this way from flour tortillas, and those were great!

Of course, I love to make deep fried sweet potato chips, and we often have a big bowl of breaded okra in place of popcorn.

Then there are our deep fry fests, when we fry mushrooms, zucchini, clam strips, eggplant, basically anything we can get our hands on!

What do you like to deep fry?

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  1. Hi Sandi!I have a question about the deep fried sweet potatoes you mentioned. How do you prepare them before frying? They sounds so good! I want to make them for my family.

  2. Hi Mattie,I just peel them and slice the up. If the potato is small I make round slices. If not I slice it in half lengthwise before slicing. Sometimes I go very thin, sometimes up to 1/4 inch thick.The important thing is to salt them and add any seasonings immediately after you take them out of the deep fryer. I make my own seasoning salt with garlic powder, onion pwder, paprika, cayenne, and of course, salt. It really compliments the sweetness of the potatoes!

  3. Thanks, Sandi!I am going to try this soon. I\’ll let you know how it turns out for me. We really enjoy your blog!

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