Food Recalls

I’ve said it before, but it’s just getting worse. EATING IS SCARY!!! It seems like there has been a recall on every type of food imaginable, lately. If I weren’t so addicted to food I’d be tempted to give it up.

In case you don’t know already, I am no fan of the FDA, but I wanted to give you the link their recall page anyway.

For those of you who aren’t keeping up, E. coli is no longer in vogue. The new scare is botulism.

You may have heard about the canned chili recall, and if you’re like me, you didn’t rush to check your shelves because canned chili is just nasty, so you never buy it anyway. Well, what they don’t seem to mention about this on the news is that it’s not just chili. The Castleberry’s “chili” recall includes corned beef hash, beef stew, and dog food. Yes, four varieties of Natural Balance dog food. There is also a recall on Lakeside canned green beans.

Among the countless contaminated imports from China, fresh ginger is now being recalled due to contamination with Aldicarb sulfoxide, a pesticide which happens to be a neurotoxin. Side effects include dizziness and nausea.

Hmm. The same effects I get from reading about our continuing to import products from China.

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  1. Sandi, Do you ever wonder if a lot of the ailments people have now are related to the toxic food products you are talking about? It is pretty scary! We need to grow as much of our our food as possible, but not everyone can do that. Thanks for the warning.

  2. Mattie,So many of our health problems are due to toxins in our food, and someties water! Often we\’re not even aware of what is making us feel bad because it\’s something we consume all the time, like MSG which is in almost everything and goes by many names.

  3. it makes me even happier that we produce so much of our own food. it\’s getting so that the only way to insure the safety of store bought, is to buy it, put it in storage and if no recall is issued for 6 months, bring it out and eat it. sad

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