Sorghum and Garlic Roast with Sweet Potatoes

I have discovered a wonderful way to make roast juicy and tasty. Here’s what you’ll need:

Bacon grease
Sorghum (molasses)

Set the bacon grease out to soften. Slice garlic very thin. Mix together equal parts bacon grease and sorghum. Mix in garlic. Smear mixture thickly on the top and sides of the roast before cooking.

I like it heavy on the garlic, so that the entire top of the roast is pretty much covered with garlic slices. It will sort of run everywhere if your roast isn’t perfectly flat, and it only sort of sticks to the sides.

Sweet potatoes make a great addition. Cut them up and put them in the pan with the roast while it cooks. Depending on the size of your roast and the size of sweet potato chunks, they may take longer to cook than the meat. If so, you can remove them from the roasting pan into a smaller dish, spoon the roast sauce over them, and cook them some more while the roast rests.

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