Flaming Chicken Marsala

This is one of those fun dishes that you get to light on fire. Most chicken marsala recipes call for whole boneless skinless chicken breast. I was serving 3 people and did not have equal sized breasts, so I decided to cut mine up for easier portioning. Either way works.

Boneless skinless chicken breast
Olive oil

1 stick Butter
1 bunch Green onions
Portabella mushrooms
½ cup Marsala wine

Cut chicken into bite sized pieces. Coat in flour. Cook in olive oil in a large cast iron skillet until just done. Remove chicken and set aside. In the same skillet, melt butter and sauté mushrooms until liquid from the mushrooms has cooked away. Add green onions and sauté for about a minute. Turn up the heat to med-high and return chicken to skillet and add marsala wine. Light on fire! It will burn itself out after a minute or two.

I have to warn you. This can be a very dangerous dish to make. I had 2 foot high blue flames going with mine. I have very high ceilings in my kitchen and prior experience lighting food and drinks on fire. I don’t recommend that most people try this recipe. It is not for the novice, and definitely not for people with low ceilings or curtains near the stove. And for God’s sake DO NOT try this in a trailer!

I also have to warn you that it is really, really delicious, and if you do try it you will be hooked for life!

The first time I tried chicken marsala was at a restaurant called Neopolitans in Nederland, Colorado. Of course, the reason I tried it was because I knew they lit it on fire. I’ll try just about anything that gets lit on fire. I can’t help myself. It was absolutely wonderful. I started ordering it in every Italian restaurant that I visited, but none compared. So, I decided that I would have to make it for myself.

Most of the recipes I have found do not call for lighting it on fire, and that just wouldn’t do! The first time I tried to make it, it wouldn’t light. I had to add stronger alcohol to get it to light. The trick is lighting it really fast – immediately after you pour in the wine, before the alcohol evaporates. If you don’t manage to produce flames it won’t suck; it just won’t be as good.

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