Improving the Flavor of Soups

I make a lot of soups. It’s a great way to use up leftovers, small amounts of ingredients that aren’t really enough for other dishes, and stuff that is going to go bad soon.

I have a few basic recipes that can vary a lot depending on what I have on hand, but are based in the same main ingredients. Lately I have discovered that a couple of things dramatically improve the overall flavor of my soups from good to incredible!

The first one is homemade stock. My homemade stock doesn’t seem to have a lot of flavor when I taste it by itself, but the soups I make from it are 10 times better and less “canned” tasting than when I use a prepackaged soup base.

Second is roasting the onion and garlic. It adds a hint of sweetness and a richness to the overall flavor.

The combination of the two is just unbelievable! They do add time to the cooking process and require more planning. They only add a tiny amount of work and actual hands-on time. The benefits greatly outweigh the effort.

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