Planting Salsa

We are trying container gardening this year. We still have a lot to plant. Today we planted the main ingredients for my salsa. We had four containers. Each got one tomato plant, one pepper, and three onions. We planted three types of peppers – jalapeno, habanero, and pueblo chili. We still have more pepper plant starters, so we transplanted those into larger holding containers until we can get more of the big containers for outside. It gets so windy I’m afraid to put the little containers out there. We’re still getting gusts over 30mph, and I think the little pots would just blow right over.

We have also planted some inside to hopefully have a little produce all winter. Our cayenne and strawberries produced a little all winter. We still have those (the strawberries are well recovered from the spider mites). Now we have added tomato and pueblo chili.

We haven’t tried growing garlic yet. That would complete my main ingredients.

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  1. Sandi,if you do try growing garlic, please tell us about it!I would like to try it.Your plants look healthy and the containers are great!

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