Sandi’s Favorite Basic Mashed Potatoes

My last entry was a recipe that calls for mashed potatoes. I have made some disastrous potato mush in the past by trying to make them without a mixer. I have tried using a fork and I have tried several of those handheld potato mashers. It was all crap!!! I have had mashed potatoes that other people made that way and they were good, but not as good. For some reason I cannot make them even edible without the electric mixer.


You will need an electric mixer for this!

Peel potatoes (you don’t have to cut them up). Rinse. Place in pan with plenty of water. Boil until tender. Remove from heat. Drain potatoes and return to pan. DO NOT attempt this in a Teflon coated pan!! It will ruin the pan and the potatoes. If you insist on using a non-stick coated pan, you will need to transfer the potatoes to a bowl. Add butter (usually about 2 tablespoons) and salt. Before turning on mixer, partially mash up potatoes with the mixer blades. Add a little milk and mix on low at first. Continue to add milk a little bit at a time, until there is enough to mix potatoes, usually about ½ to 1½ cups of milk all together. Increase speed on mixer as potatoes are mixed. Continue using mixer until potatoes are very fluffy.

For more flavor try adding one or more of the following:

Roasted garlic
Onion salt
Garlic salt
Replace ½ of the milk with broth
Use purple potatoes

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