Hungarian Chicken Paparkish

By Jane Bartels.

1 chicken already dead and cut up…feathers removed.

2 large cut up onions….also dead.

a handful of parsley, cut up.

1 clove of garlic, cut up or smashed

enough water to cover in a large skillet

salt and pepper

Hungarian Sweet Paparika (spellling varies…) about 2 tablespoons.
(this spice you can get at most large grocery stores. Try for the Hungarian Sweet stuff..makes a world of difference.)

Stew on low heat on top of stove until the chicken is tender.
I use chicken with bone in because it usually has more taste, but if you are rich and lazy, use good chicken breasts….

let it cool a bit and mix in a 16 ounce Sour Cream. You can make this with low fat sour cream but you will go to hell. Or you won’t be Hungarian, but you will live longer…

Boil decent egg noodles, drain, and butter them well….mix in with chicken in skillet.

Adjust salt and pepper (which means, throw in more of both)


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