By Jane Bartels

This is probably not only Hungarian, but Viennese, Polish and other mid European countries pastry, but the Hungarians make it the best.

It is very easy to make.

2 1/4 cups of all purpose Flour…meaning no rising stuff..Plain Flour.
King Arthur’s Flour is great and the unbleached kind is best.

2 sticks of butter

1 16 ounce package of cream cheese

Mix this well, by hands is best. break off into balls and let the flour/creamcheese/butter rest in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. Why? I never really knew but my grandmother said so, but she’s dead so do what you want. I think it is because the butter sets up in the flour.

Roll this out after proper cooling in fridge into rectangles or as close as you can get to that piece of geometry.

Cut into 3 inch squares.

Do this on a marble if you have…or recool the flour mixture that you haven’t yet used…


Lekvar: Prune paste. Easy to do: bag or two of stewed prunes…drain…and cool…Mash.

Apricot: same as prune but almost as good. No sugar used in these two pastes.

Nut filling: Walnuts smashed flat and in tiny pieces…use a meat tenderizer hammer..easy…or blender…and a little sugar and water…simmer for about 5 minutes and cool..should be thick…

Place a teaspoon of filling on each square. Fold over opposite ends…and press closed…

BAKE about 20 minutes until just a little tan. You don’t ever want to overbake Kyflies.

Cool on baking sheet and sprinkle well with powdered sugar.

These are excellent for morning breakfast with coffee or tea….and they are better if NOT refrigerated. They have the shelf life of the Pharoahs. But you probably will eat them fast.

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