Maryland Fried Chicken

By Jane Bartels

1 cut up chicken
bread crumbs and flour mixture….guesstimate…
cut up onions….to taste..I use about two small ones.
Salt and Pepper

dip chicken in 3 cups of milk, then the breadcrumbs/flour mixture.
fry a little bit just to set the crust…Fry in butter and oil mixture…but not alot of grease.
pour the milk into the chicken skillet with chicken.

Cover and bake in OVEN for 1 hour or until this chicken is tender and done.
There is a marvelous gravy that happens…

Serve with Mashed potatoes…This is my FAVORITE chicken recipe and remember it when I was a little girl (in the ice age) in New Jersey.

Jane Bartels….


  1. What do I do with the onions? Do they go in the skillet when it goes into the oven? Do I sautee them with the chicken? This sounds so simple and yet delicious! This is one of those recipes that kinda makes one look forward to cooler days . Roxanne in DE

  2. Hi Roxanne,I haven\’t tried this yet (although I am anxious to!). My friend Jane sent it. I will ask her how she does it, but I believe you sautee them with the chicken and then they go in the oven with it.

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