Black-eye Pea Patties

These are so versatile. They are similar to an African dish called akara, also known as accra, akara, akla, binch akara, bean balls, kosai, koose, kose, koosé, or kwasi.

I usually serve these in one of two ways – as veggie burgers with hummus and sprouts or with fried eggs and topped with maple syrup. The Worcestershire sauce is optional, but definitely a plus if you are making veggie burgers.

Black-eyed peas (dry)
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Worcestershire sauce
Flour (spelt if you have it)
Baking powder
Coconut oil or bacon grease

Soak the dried peas for 8 hours, overnight, or longer. If you soak them for a long time, drain and rinse them occasionally. If you sprout them, it’s even better for you! Most recipes for akara say you should rub the peas together between your hands and remove the husks. I have worked hard at this and never got them all off. The last time I made this I decided not to bother. I couldn’t tell the difference. It’s up to you.

Put the soaked, uncooked peas in the food processor with just a little water and process into a pancake batter consistency. Add the rest of your ingredients and process until thoroughly blended. Heat a good amount of oil or grease in a skillet on medium high. Use about ½ cup of batter for each patty. I use a soup ladle to pour the batter in the pan. Brown and flip. You will probably need to add more oil after flipping. They really soak it up. Brown the other side, and they’re done!

Be careful when you flip the patties. The last time I made these, when I flipped one of the hot batter and grease squirted out of the pan on me! You will be using enough oil or grease for some popping and splattering, so you might want to wear protective gear. A full radiation suit would be overkill.

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