Hot Weather Eating

To endure the heat and still feed yourself, consider re-thinking your idea of a decent meal. You can piece together finger foods and salads, and still get plenty of nutrition.

Yesterday was unbearably hot, and there was no way I was going to cook. So, we had cold shrimp (the precooked, frozen kind), strawberries, grapes, and Swiss cheese.

Another one of my summertime favorites is a big hearty salad that includes cold cuts, followed by half an avocado (salted and eaten right out of the peel with a spoon), and later half a cantaloupe (also eaten right out of the peel with a spoon).

Chicken and roast beef both make good leftovers that you can toss into a salad or use to make sandwiches. When you plan to use the meat this way, you can cook it at your convenience, during the cooler part of the day.

Farmer’s markets and produce stands are a great source for fruits and vegetables that you can graze and snack on all day. You don’t have to do “meals” at all. Most of us lose our appetite when it’s hot anyway, and heavy foods will just make you feel worse in the summer. It is a wonderful opportunity to eat lots of fresh, raw foods!

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