Home Grown Tortellini and Miso Soup

My best friend came up to visit for my birthday and brought lots of goodies from her garden. We decided to make miso soup with tortellini and vegetables.

I rarely make entirely meatless soups, and I haven’t been very impressed with meat substitutes, but miso really delivers! I wouldn’t say it tastes just like beef, but it tastes just as good and it gives you that full feeling, like you have really eaten, that normally an all veggie meal just doesn’t do for me.

Here is what we used in our soup. It has been over a week since we made the soup, so I may be forgetting something. Mary, if you’re reading this feel free to post corrections!

Green onions
Cherry peppers
Miso paste

The important thing to remember when making miso soup is to ad the miso last after the soup is cooked. Do not boil miso.

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