Valentine’s Day – Keeping it Simple

This Valentine’s Day I wanted to relax and not spend all my time in the kitchen, but I still wanted to eat well and we did not want to try and eat out.

Today we are having a late lunch of steak and salad. Later we will have snacks and finger foods – sharp cheddar, pepper jack, black olives, strawberries, popcorn, etc.

The steaks are amazingly quick and easy and when paired with just the salad, not too heavy. Plus, we’re eating our biggest meal early enough that it won’t make us sleepy for the rest of the evening.

I am pairing a shiraz with the steaks and pinot grigio with the snacks.

We also have individual, heart shaped chocolate cakes (I very rarely do desserts). These were a last minute thing from the grocery store.


  1. Sandi, can you describe pinot grigio? I have never tried it and don\’t know what other foods, besides the snacks you describe here, would pair well with it.

  2. He he, you just had to call me on that one didn\’t you?I remebered reading about pinot grigio and wanting to try it, but couldn\’t remember what was so special about it.The brand we bought was Yellow Tail. I have been very pleased with thier wines overall. I find them better than many that are higher in price (thier Shiraz is wonderful!). Pinot grigio is a white wine. This one is not sweet, but not terribly dry, and almost has a lemony flavor/feel. I need to try a few brands before commenting on pinot grigio in general.

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