French Fried Eggplant

This is the third method I tried, and they are yummy. For my first attempt I did not use flour, and they turned out soggy with grease. Yummy, but too soggy. The second time, I also skipped the flour, but I made them in the oven. Not good. Just blah.

So, this is the method I use now. You can use whatever type of flour you prefer.



Brown rice flour
Salt and other seasonings

Heat deep fryer. Mix flour with salt and other seasonings, to your liking. Cut ends off eggplant and peel, or don’t peel. Cut eggplant into French fry sized sticks. I use a French fry cutter, but you can do it with a knife. Place the eggplant n a big bowl or baggie, drizzle with olive oil and toss to coat, pour in your flour mixture and toss until well covered.

Fry in single layer batches, about 4 minutes or until golden-brown. Dump into a paper towel lined container. I use glass or stainless because I’m not real comfortable dumping hot stuff into plastic containers. Add salt if needed.

I like to dip them in ranch dressing. They also work for green chili fries.

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