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Deep Conditioning

You can give up the fancy conditioners and hot oil treatments, too. For conditioning you have many options. Light conditioningIf you just need to replace your usual, everyday conditioner dab a very small amount of coconut oil on towel-dried hair and leave in. this works on dry hair that needs some taming throughout the day, […]


Ditch Your Shampoo

You don’t need it. Shampooing is one of the worst things you can do for your hair. It strips it of all its natural oils, drying your hair and damaging it, while at the same time stimulating the oil glands in your scalp to produce too much oil in an effort to keep up. The […]


Hair Care in Your Kitchen

Good hair care products are way too expensive, but the cheap ones will trash your hair, so there must be a reason why it costs so much to have beautiful healthy hair, right? No. you can have healthier, happier hair (and skin) than expensive salon quality products will ever deliver for pennies using products from […]