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Sandi’s Finger Salad

Spinach leavesBaby carrotsTomatoesGreen onionsMushrooms Rinse all ingredients well. Cut tomatoes into wedges. Cut roots and excess tops off green onions. Place spinach leaves in individual bowls. Place baby carrots in together in each bowl to one side. Repeat with green onions and mushrooms. Lay tomato wedges in the center. Top with your favorite dressing and […]


Leftover Roast Salad

When I make a roast, after the first meal, I cut up the remaining roast into bite-sized pieces and refrigerate in its juices. It makes a perfect addition to salads. Fresh spinach leavesLettuce of your choiceSproutsGrated carrotsSproutsLeftover roastDressing of your choice (goes great with raspberry vinaigrette or ranch) This also works well with leftover chicken. […]