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Good Cooking Weather!

Right now I’m in Heaven. It’s been cool and cloudy and foggy for two days and now we’re getting a snowstorm. The air yesterday had that quality that made everything smell good and really enhanced the smell of food. This weather makes me want to cook! We have been using a lot of bread lately […]


Beef and Black Bean Burger Update

I wasn’t happy with the “burgers” because they didn’t have the effect I was going for. When I ate the leftovers, I didn’t have the same expectations. I ditched the whole burger idea and ate them without the bun and cheese and put some ketchup on them (I very rarely eat ketcup). They were great! […]


Black-eye Pea Patties

These are so versatile. They are similar to an African dish called akara, also known as accra, akara, akla, binch akara, bean balls, kosai, koose, kose, koosé, or kwasi. I usually serve these in one of two ways – as veggie burgers with hummus and sprouts or with fried eggs and topped with maple syrup. […]